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professional team

Member of the Professional Responsibilities Department at MetroPlus

Xincheng Plus - Lin Yuying

Lin Yuying

project Manager

Integration of resources such as large-scale planning, government bidding cases, procurement cases, etc.

New City Plus-Chen Mick, new city plus

Mick Chen

Event Executive Director

With professional business presentation capabilities, mobile and professional event site control capabilities, and multimedia film editing capabilities, it can efficiently and accurately produce good presentation works and film editing works.

"Memory maker, bring you your own exclusive memories"

Every moment is the most special and memorable, customized service, through careful arrangements, from the moment of contact to the end of the whole event, so that you will leave unforgettable memories.

Xincheng Plath-Jimmy Ling, visual designer

Jimmy Ringo

Design Director

With more than 7 years of visual design work experience in the technology industry, he is good at a variety of different styles of design, and can visualize abstract concepts.

Expertise: Multimedia design, Motion Graphic animation design and production, video editing, corporate identity design, illustration design, user interface design, web design, graphic design (Logo, business card, postcard, various printed materials, presentation visuals, etc.)

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